Designer Nadav Caspi was born in Israel in 1986 and studied Industrial Design at the Holon Institute of Technology, graduating in 2014. He established his studio in Tel Aviv in 2016, and he has continued to live and work there ever since. 

Caspi’s design aesthetic is strongly influenced by his love of natural materials and the manual, artisanal processes of working with them. His love of wood can be traced back to an early apprenticeship in a workshop that produced children’s toys, particularly rocking horses. Indeed, pieces like the Lock Stool are reminiscent of some of the joinery aspects of well-made wooden toys and this charming piece has the added attraction of arriving as a flat pack including immaculately finished wooden nuts and bolts - fun to put together, beautiful to use. Or there’s the Juggling Bookcase, which incorporates playful book-ends that evoke a harlequin’s juggling pins. Another stand-out work is Caspi’s Rods Side Table, which makes use of the material’s natural flexibility to create three elegantly arching legs, each consisting of several precision-cut lengths of dowel. The piece articulates Caspi’s skill at bringing out the best from even humble materials; his work is impeccably made and deceptively simple.

Caspi has exhibited his work at the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair in Tel Aviv (2017, 2018,2019), the Tel Aviv Furniture Fair, and regularly shows at his showroom in Jaffa. He also works on private commissions and with interior designers on projects for commercial clients.